Basic Activity of Our Company



Engineering and geodetic surveys; engineering and geological surveys; Geotechnical surveys


Designing of engineering and civil facilities, water supply and sewage systems, planning, oil and gas transportation piping, building and facility power supply


Designing and standardization in the field of the environment protection; land survey works (land allocation, soil survey, remediation projects); EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment Study); Environmental Protection; Maximum Allowable Discharge Targets; Maximum Allowable Emission Targets; Waste Generation and Disposal Limits Project; Conceptual design of Sanitary –Protection Zone ..


Engineering (outsourcing) and consulting; Authorial and technical Supervision; project approval by the supervisory authorities; Selection and supply of the equipment and materials

Facilities for Design


Industrial Infrastructure

1. Warehouses for Fuel Products of different storage capacity and Fuel Filling Stations...

Oil and Gas Process Facility

1. Oil and Gas Processing Plants; 2. Development of oil and gas fields...

Social Infrastructure

1. Administration and amenity building; 2. Rotational Villages (up to 5 thousand people)...

Infrastructure Facilities

1. Telecommunication and Alerting; 2. Highways and Railroads; 3. Electric Power Lines...

Stages of Project Development

  • Facility Preparation for Design

    At this stage, in addition to the required range of the engineering surveys and other operational analyses of the situation, we develop feasibility study for the main solutions which will provide in future the effective designing.
  • Project Documentation Development

    Project documentation development is provided in accordance with all rules and standards that ensure the successful completion of the examinations and approvals of any levels
  • Detailed Design Development

    Рабочая документация разработанная специалистами нашей компании, обеспечивает эффективность строительства и своевременный ввод объектов в эксплуатацию.
  • Support of the Project Documentation in the Expertise Bodies

    Many years’ experience with the state authorities of the different levels and knowledge save time and resources of the Customer.
  • Authorial and Technical Supervision

    In implementation of the project, our specialists quickly solve disputable issues with the regulatory authorities and control over the quality of the works.

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